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Office 365 eDiscovery + SkySync = 100% eDiscovery

Office 365 eDiscovery + SkySync = 100% eDiscovery

If you haven’t read the white paper of Microsoft around Office 365 eDiscovery, you should, it is amazing. You can find it here:

It explains in detail how eDiscovery in Office 365 works and it should convince you that the eDiscovery module within Office 365 is really one of the most advanced eDiscovery solutions available in the market. The problem with this eDiscovery solution is that it is only capable of doing eDiscovery in Office 365 services, more specifically, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Skype For Business and the available archives on Office 365. Very quickly after the release Microsoft realized that to be a valid eDiscovery player it should be able to deal with all kinds of information. It has proven to have a powerful eDiscovery engine, but your engine is only as powerful as the systems it supports. Especially for eDiscovery, that usually used in legal cases this is super important. Imagine being on the legal team and have to say, “we searched Office 365 for proof of this case, the rest couldn’t be done because we didn’t have a tool for it”. At the same time, it is really crazy and wasteful for organization to invest in tools that do the same because one tool can’t handle multiple repositories. To give a little bit of insight of why this is important I like to use this quote from Gartner: “A multi-cloud strategy will become the common strategy for 70% of enterprises by 2019.” This means that most organizations have to have a solution to deal with management of a multicloud environment. eDiscovery is one of those areas where you want to make sure you are covered.

Luckily, Microsoft created a new connector pointing to an Azure Blob Storage. This allowed them to say that all systems are now included because you could dump all your repository data in an Azure Blob Storage container and give access to eDiscovery through Advanced eDiscovery which is a premium service, so you need an additional license for that. More information here:

Now, eDiscovery is used in a lot of situation around litigation cases and the requirements for these cases are very strict. With this new feature you can search for the information you need, but can you really prove where the data comes from and more importantly, can you prove that the data hasn’t changed during the export from your legacy ECM or cloud service and import in Azure Blob Storage. When you are going through a eDiscovery case, you want to make sure you have an excellent Chain of Custody in place. And that is exactly what this feature does not provide. Don’t get me wrong this is absolutely a step in the right direction, but you are missing some crucial data. I know Microsoft is not responsible for the export out of your repository so technically it is not their problem.

And this is where SkySync comes into the picture. If you want to use the native eDiscovery in Office 365 or the more advanced eDiscovery, you need access to the data and Chain of Custody records that the data hasn’t changed between the source repository and Azure Blog Storage or Office 365 (in case you are using the native eDiscovery). With SkySync Enterprise Content Integration Platform we synchronize the data of the available repositories with Azure Blob Storage or Office 365. This gives your Office 365 eDiscovery access to over 40 different supported repositories. In the SkySync platform you can find detailed logs to use as a Chain of Custody in case you find data during your eDiscovery Case. The range of supported systems is why SkySync is a no brainer in this solution. Where there are other tools that will migrate content from a few sources into Office 365, SkySync supports over 40 different systems, including Cloud Services and Legacy ECM but equally as important is that SkySync does this through synchronization and not migration. When changes are made to the source, SkySync will pick it up and make sure the data is available in Office 365.

Office 365 eDiscovery + SkySync = 100% eDiscovery


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