Azure Information Protection Video

Azure Information Protection: Add protection to a label

[Automated Transcript]

Hey and welcome to new video Azure Information Protection the Admin Series.

In one of the previous videos we created a label without any protection and that label is the part of scope policy.

In this one, we’re actually going to create or actually adjust that label to add protection to it. So, let’s get started so what I’m going to do is just go into my Azure Portal on and here again, I have my Azure Information Protection.

I am going back to my scoped policies so remember I created scope policy for our financial team and if you haven’t seen that video yet it’s available on the same playlist on this YouTube channel. Going into the policy now we created a label under the confidential category confidential financial we’ve gone through in the whole configuration in a different video but what is really important here is that when I set the permission so I’m going to protect and then I can choose the Azure Cloud Key.

Now I’m going to set the permissions. I can either use a defined template set permissions myself which I’m going to do. What I want to do is add the permissions to my security group financial team so I’m going here. Browse the directory look for the financial team there we go what I can do now is choose a permission set.

Based on names so I can do go, owner, co-author, reviewer, viewer or custom. In the custom, I can define what I want to do myself or what the permissions are. In this case the only thing they will be able to do is view open and read and allow macros but since it is a part of my team I want it to be the reviewer which allows them to edit but since this is financial information I don’t want them to print it and that kind of stuff. Now the other thing what we can define is a content expiration and the fact if we can allow it to be offline accessed or not here you can define the content expiration if you do it by date.

By that time the content will expire based on a date or either by names and then allow offline access for example if people are on an airplane or somewhere where there is no internet connection are they going to be able to open that document if you really want a hundred percent to protect which I do not want offline access and save it save it again.  There we go and like always we need to publish our labels so that people can use this so now we publish it and that is it nothing more nothing less

So again, if you want to see more videos check out my YouTube channel if you want to reach out to me here is where you can see my contact details. So, feel free to reach out to me through those channels as well and if you have more questions about this topic you know where to find me and thank you for watching

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